Splurge or Save: Mesh bracelet

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 5.37.24 PM

We always coveted the sterling silver mesh cuff from Tiffany’s Somerset collection. Partly for how it looked, but also because it was so much fun to play with on our wrist. Though the mesh isn’t loose enough to change shape, the sterling silver stretches to fit onto most wrists and looks beautiful over black cashmere or peaking out from a soft silk blouse.

At $625, it’s a fair amount of money for a pretty casual piece. So we sourced this Blue Nile version. It doesn’t have the robin-egg-blue pedigree but it is lovely – and unique enough that it won’t look like you’re sporting a fake.

And when we tried it on, it still had the same flexible fun characteristic as the Tiffany version. The Blue Nile version is also thicker than the Tiffany version, which makes it even better for a nice date night.

Which one would you wear?

Wide mesh bracelet, sterling silver, Blue Nile, $350

Somerset bracelet, sterling silver, Tiffany&Co., $625

Eggs and Beans

We were drawn to these organic egg shaped earrings by Sophie Buhai. They fit just right until the bottom of the ear and are the perfect everyday stud. That they are only $325 makes them even more accessible.

The first time we saw the tiny egg earrings we immediately rooted around our jewelry box for our Elsa Peretti bean earrings, which we used to wear religiously. They just go with everything. Slightly less expensive than the Sophie Buhai pieces, these ubiquitous earrings are a classic for a reason.

Our favorite way to wear both of these pieces are with black cashmere turtlenecks, but the beauty of them is that you can wear them pretty much with anything. They are that versatile.

medium_SBHF007267045_0201_20_1_Tiny Egg Studs, sterling silver, at Sophie Buhai, $325


Bean earrings, sterling silver, at Tiffany, $275

Three Pearl Earrings – Three Ways

A pearl stud is a classic piece of jewelry and a must have for most jewelry boxes. If you’re a fan of pearls and you would like to wear them in a slightly different way, we’ve seen a lot of contemporary three-pearl earrings on the market this spring.

1. Sugar Pearl Posts, glass pearl and metal; Anthropologie, $32: These Anthropologie earrings are not made with real pearls, but their shape has a great minimalist-organic vibe. We like the round casing and that they lay flat on our ears.


2. Climber Stud, shell pearl and rose gold plated sterling silver, Kellin Silver, $44: Shell pearls (which are made by dipping beads into a shiny white material) are not real, but they share the same iridescent white as high quality pearls. Set in a curved row, these earrings are bigger than the other earrings on this list.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 8.21.49 PM

3. 3Pearl Earring, pearl and sterling silver or 14k gold, Saskia Diez, from 219£: The most expensive pair on this list are also our favorite (sigh!). They are about as large as the Kellin Silver earrings, but lay in the crevice of our ear and keep the backing completely invisible.


Updated: Love Necklace

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 8.05.14 PM
Photo courtesy of Adornia Instagram. Follow them @adornia

This necklace is an updated version of the kind of necklace you want to wear in those first, fantastic few weeks of an awesome new relationship.

This necklace spells L-O-V-E, with the “O” as the mechanism for looping around your neck. The “L” is larger than you expect – and would work very well in a v-neck shirt. But we also think it could work over a turtleneck. Our favorite interpretation though is wrapped around our wrist, with the “L” dangling. xo-bex-mo-love-lariat-gold-rose

Sterling silver rose gold plated lariat necklace, $95 at Adornia. Also available in black silver.

Honeycomb Jewelry

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 12.08.36 PM
From Left to Right: In God We Trust, Tessa Packard, Ayaka Nishi, Emilie Shapiro, Bee Amour

We were so sad to find out these Tessa Packard Honeycomb Studs, (240£) would not ship to North America so we set out to find our favorite honeycomb jewelry state side.

We stumbled upon Anna Gieselman, who is bee keeper and jewelry designer. Each piece is made to order, so expect a few weeks for delivery from Austin, where she was raised and now raises her bees. If you live in the area you can find her at local art fairs and shops, but if you don’t check out her Instagram.

We’ve also pulled together a few other honeycomb pieces we love from less than $200 to $850.

Honeycomb ring by Emilie Shapiro at Audry Rose, 14k recycled gold with moonstones, $341

In God We Trust Honeycomb Studs at Need Supply Co., sterling silver, $120

Ayaka Nishi, Honeycomb bracelet, 18k gold plated bronze, $380

Bee Amour rings (3 rings that interlock into a single ring), 14k gold, $850

Great New Find: Silver Tight Chokers


It’s getting colder here in New York and our eyes are glancing at some new shapes and silhouettes – specifically the ones we can wear over turtlenecks, or maybe even as turtlenecks?

We think they look especially nice with mock-turtlenecks and the ribbed fabrics we’ve been seeing so much of this Fall. We were pleasantly surprised when we saw these Eddie Borgo  chokers which are not only beautifully modern but also reasonably priced.

They are only available in one size, so worth trying them on to see if they lay the right way.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 9.51.29 PM

Normally we only think of rings and bracelets of being stackable, but these are totally changing our mind.

See more styling on his Instagram (we also love his purses)

Extra Thin Choker, $275

Small Choker, $350

Splurge or Save: Monogram Bracelet

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 9.10.47 PM

We love our initials, but it can be hard to pull off a monogram. It usually feels either too preppy or, dare we say it, egotistical. But on our favorite accessory, jewelry, they are a great way to share a family name or a loved one.

The most common initial jewelry are rings, which can be worn by men and women, but we’re partial to these light but still significant bangles. The gold-plate or sterling silver ones are practically a perfect match for the more expensive 14k gold piece, and at half the price, a great way to personalize your everyday jewelry without breaking the bank.

Two of these are a pretty way to wear your favorite letters or gift to a good friend.

From top left, clockwise:

Mark & Graham, gold-plate and sterling silver: $159

Gemma Gray, 14k gold, $300

Goop, gold-plate and sterling silver, $130