Hands Up

There was a charm bracelet in a vintage shop we saw last weekend with the most beautiful sculpted sterling silver hand. Shaped like a fist, the hand was lovely and we would have wanted it for our own charm bracelet, but the store wouldn’t separate the piece on its own.

The Hamsa is as common an image as there can be and is an amulet representing protection – particularly against the evil eye, one of our other favorite symbols in jewelry.

Later we saw this great bracelet from Winden Jewelry, which looks like two small hands when viewed from the top – in an almost Victorian style. This sent us a search for other hand jewelry, our favorites compiled below:


Embrace cuff, from $155 at Winden Jewelry


Fraser Hamilton ring, $183 at Wolf & Badger


As close as we found to our charm bracelet! Right hand bracelet, $245 at Gillian Steinhardt

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 6.12.18 PM.png

Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry long charm necklace, $308 at Saks Fifth Avenue

The Best Pearl Rings

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 11.08.32 AMWe once fell in love with a pearl stacking ring on a trip to Japan. Not too expensive and just the right amount of luminescent pearls, we were sad to learn the designer had stopped making them because he hadn’t figured out a way to make sure the pearls stayed in place.

While we may never be able to wear that particular ring, we have been finding a number of rings made of gold and pearl that are equally nice. Because pearls are less expensive than many stone, this also makes the pricing a lot more approachable.

  1. White Equilibrium ring, 14k gold, pave diamonds and pearl, Jennie Kwon, $560
  2. Pearl  stacking ring, 14k gold and pearl, YLang23, $292
  3. Small Pearl Ring, 14k gold, pearl and diamond, Jennifer Fisher, $1,800
  4. Quarry ring, 14k gold and pink pearl, Bird, $480

How to Wear Rose Cut Diamonds That Are Not Engagement Rings

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 11.48.43 PM

We love rose cut diamonds but they are hard to find in jewelry (especially rings) that don’t look too engagement ring-y.

Rose cut diamonds are defined by a flat bottom with a dome-shaped crown that can be further defined by up to twenty-four facets – or small, leveled edges. The style is often found  in vintage jewelry – especially from the Victorian era. But has lost some popularity in the twentieth century.

Theses pieces of fine jewelry all have rose-cut diamonds but don’t look too much like engagement rings.

Pinched Ring with Rose Cut Diamond, diamond and 14k gold by Polly Wales, $1,240

Crown Bezel Diamond Ring, diamond and 14k gold, by Grace Lee, $1,385

Trio Ring, diamond and 14k gold, by Ananda Khalsa, $1,815

The New Palate: Matte Black

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 10.26.09 AM

We were struck by this simple ring from Philadelphia designer Bario Neal. The stone is enamel glass and set right against the thin gold setting, exaggerating the matte of the stone.

In person, the ring is a bit bigger than expected, but could still work in a nice set of stacked rings. The lack of color is unexpected and works surprisingly well with silver – a great way to combine rings that sometimes are hard to share on the same hand.


Senna Round Ring, Glass and Gold, from $375

The 5 Best Cocktail Rings

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 10.48.00 PM
Clockwise from bottom left: Bottega Veneta, Adornia, Madewell, Ben Bridge, Meira T (all photos from retailer sites)

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve probably noticed we lean towards minimal designs, but sometimes a big, flashy cocktail ring is in order. They’re kind of like when it is finally warm enough for a sundress and you remember that an outfit is now just one piece of clothing. Sometimes, a cocktail ring is the only piece you need to put on.

Our favorite is the dome ring. The little gold balls on top add great texture and the shape is mod and sixties.

All of these rings sit quite high on the finger. We recommend wearing cocktail rings on the middle finger, which not only makes the look more symmetrical, it is less likely that anyone will mistake it for an engagement ring.

Bottega Veneta, oxidized sterling silver, $350 at Net-A-Porter

Toscano dome ring, 18k gold, $999 at Ben Bridge

Madewell cocktail ring, lapis stone and gold plate, $28 at Shopbop

Charles ring, moonstone and sterling silver, $595 at Adornia

Rose gold and ruby cocktail ring, $980 at Meira T

Honeycomb Jewelry

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 12.08.36 PM
From Left to Right: In God We Trust, Tessa Packard, Ayaka Nishi, Emilie Shapiro, Bee Amour

We were so sad to find out these Tessa Packard Honeycomb Studs, (240£) would not ship to North America so we set out to find our favorite honeycomb jewelry state side.

We stumbled upon Anna Gieselman, who is bee keeper and jewelry designer. Each piece is made to order, so expect a few weeks for delivery from Austin, where she was raised and now raises her bees. If you live in the area you can find her at local art fairs and shops, but if you don’t check out her Instagram.

We’ve also pulled together a few other honeycomb pieces we love from less than $200 to $850.

Honeycomb ring by Emilie Shapiro at Audry Rose, 14k recycled gold with moonstones, $341

In God We Trust Honeycomb Studs at Need Supply Co., sterling silver, $120

Ayaka Nishi, Honeycomb bracelet, 18k gold plated bronze, $380

Bee Amour rings (3 rings that interlock into a single ring), 14k gold, $850

Caged In

Mute Objects

Mute Object may be one of the most secretive companies we’ve ever tried to learn about.  What we do know is that they make each piece in their studio in Chicago and the founders were high-school friends. Their website is under construction, but you can find these cage-y rings at quite a few retailers online.

Open Pyramid Ring in 14K Yellow Gold 34148-200x200

It’s hard to find a large ring that doesn’t look clunky, but this one totally works for us.

The cage does go up quite high, so works better on a mid-finger where it won’t snag any clothes. The pieces are big and stand out, so you don’t need to stack them with anything else on that finger.

Verdict: Recommended and let’s find out more about these guys.

Available at Susan Campbell Jewelry ($300)