UK to US: Brooke Gregson


nasa14.jpgWe went crazy for these astrological necklaces. The astrology sign necklaces are designed by Brooke Gregson from London and are a beautiful splurge birthday gift for someone you love.


Each piece is priced differently and made from 14k brushed and carved yellow gold and diamonds. The Aries (3 diamonds) is just over $1,000 and the most expensive Virgo, is just over $2,600.


We loved trying our sign (Aquarius) on. The piece is weightier than it appears in photographs and falls below the collar bone. The 14k gold is very shiny and bright. Depending on the sign, the token may be oblong or a smaller circle.


You can find the entire 12 piece collection here

Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls



We first found these earrings on Instagram and fell in love. They are just a little bit edgy and really stand out against our other pearl pieces.

We’ve been wearing a variation of these since college and these feel like just the right update without being too fussy or prim.


Made from Pave diamonds, sterling silver, and, of course, a pearl. Available at Irini Designs

Necklace, $685

Earrings, $1268

Do you have any updated pearls you’re wearing lately?

2 in 1 Jewelry: Three pieces of convertible jewelry

There are few things more exciting than finding out that an item of clothing you love is reversible. It’s two for the price of one. Even if you prefer wearing it one way over the other it’s nice to know you can switch it out once in a while.

We never even considered that jewelry could be designed the same way, but it’s such a smart idea. Some of our favorite convertible fine jewelry  earrings can be found here and here. But for less than half the price, the pieces below are also good investments and – considering you’re technically getting two pieces from each – a great deal.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 9.31.33 PM

Convertible choker and earring, gold plated brass, Maison Margiela at Net-A-Porter, $480

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 9.31.46 PM

Convertible cuff and necklace, alloy and ribbon, by Gabriela Artigas at Des Kohan, $218

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 9.32.12 PM

Studs with removable drops, gold plate, Chalcedony and Iolite by Bounkit at Charm & Chain, $495


UK to USA: The Best of Jewelry Abroad: Laura Lee

LLN23-CLOSEUP_1Our new feature where we share our favorite UK jewelry discoveries and the North American stores you can find them in.

Laura Lee is a UK designer who launched her line in 1985 and opened her boutique in 2004. Her tiny shop is dainty gold perfection and all of her pieces looks fantastic when layered.

It’s hard to find her pieces here in the States, but LLN23-DRAPE_1recently Anthropologie began carrying a few choice designs. Our favorite piece is this long (40″) necklace with a bright, freshwater pearl hanging at the end and smaller pearls sprinkled asymmetrically along the gold chain. There is no clasp and the piece can be wrapped twice to create a more layered look that lies closer to the collarbone.

Draped Pearl Necklace by Laura Lee, gold and pearl, at Anthrolopologie, $478

The Best Hammered Gold Jewelry under $350

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 4.52.14 PMHammered gold always makes us feel like powerful Greek goddesses. It’s also often more affordable than non-hammered pieces because designers can use less gold to create the same size of jewelry. Hammered gold tends to be slightly less shiny as well (though you should look at the piece to make sure)

We love all these pieces equally, but particularly love the Melanie Casey stacking ring. The black diamond is strong and creates a beautiful contrast with the hammered gold. It’s also a more subtle nod to the ancients and can be matched with other non-hammered and even sterling silver.

Most of the pieces in this round-up are 14k gold, except for the collar. Since we’re hesitant to wear expensive jewelry that does not have a clasp, this is the right price to pay for this item.

Hammered bangle, 14k gold, at Bloomingdales, on sale for $350

Melanie Casey Jewelry ring, 14k gold and black diamond, at Etsy, $265

20mm hoops by Gioelli, 14k gold, at Overstock, $299 (or less)

Gorjana necklace, 18k gold plated, at Shopbop, $85

Hammered disk earrings by Nancy Kraskin, 14k gold, at CatBird, $340

Noticeably Nice: Rainbow Quill Necklace

Large-Rainbow-Quill-NL-18Y-copy-590x440It’s hard to find Polly Wales pieces in the States. The British designer tries to make jewelry that is the opposite of glossy and chic and is more about celebrating the inconsistencies found in handcrafted jewelry.

We are incredibly fond of her pieces that display beautiful rainbows of sapphires without seeming silly at all. Their scale is perfectly proportioned to display the variety of colors without looking garish at all.

This necklace is an investment, to be sure. But it demonstrates the perks of fine jewelry at it best – it’s noticeably nice without being in your face. There are a few other pieces available at Love Adorned but it’s worth checking out the designer’s website in case you find yourself in the vicinity of a store. The quality is noticeable and each piece is slightly unique.

Quill Necklace by Polly Wales, 18k gold and sapphire, available at Love Adorned, $2,375

Updated: Love Necklace

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 8.05.14 PM
Photo courtesy of Adornia Instagram. Follow them @adornia

This necklace is an updated version of the kind of necklace you want to wear in those first, fantastic few weeks of an awesome new relationship.

This necklace spells L-O-V-E, with the “O” as the mechanism for looping around your neck. The “L” is larger than you expect – and would work very well in a v-neck shirt. But we also think it could work over a turtleneck. Our favorite interpretation though is wrapped around our wrist, with the “L” dangling. xo-bex-mo-love-lariat-gold-rose

Sterling silver rose gold plated lariat necklace, $95 at Adornia. Also available in black silver.

Updated Gold Chain



Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 6.32.48 AMThis necklace may be the perfect length. It falls just at or below the collar bone, which elongates your neck and adds a ton of sparkle around your face. You could wear it with a v-neck or scoop neck top.

Since the clusters of 18k yellow gold and small .47c diamonds make a lot of impact, we can’t see ourselves in this everyday – but as an investment statement piece, this one ticks off a lot of our must-haves.

The designer also make a version using other stones, but we’re partial to the mega-sparkle of this one. It also makes it the most easy to match other pieces in our wardrobe.

Ruth Tomlinson Necklace 2,600 euro – but her work is also sold here

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 6.33.18 AM