Trend Lines: Just a Wee Bit of Chain

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Bracelets that do up with a small chain is a nice trend, and it’s also pretty practical. You can usually adjust the width – which makes them easier to wear with other pieces and maintain the order you want on your wrist.

We’ve particularly appreciated this when we wear jewelry at our desks – keeping our jewelry from clanking around too much against our keyboards.

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Wish Cuff, 18k rose gold, Ginette NY, $1,375


Round Link Bracelet, 14k gold, Melissa Joy Manning, $1,215

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.22.38 PM

Wingnut Toggle Bracelet, metal, Marc Jacobs, $78

Three Pearl Earrings – Three Ways

A pearl stud is a classic piece of jewelry and a must have for most jewelry boxes. If you’re a fan of pearls and you would like to wear them in a slightly different way, we’ve seen a lot of contemporary three-pearl earrings on the market this spring.

1. Sugar Pearl Posts, glass pearl and metal; Anthropologie, $32: These Anthropologie earrings are not made with real pearls, but their shape has a great minimalist-organic vibe. We like the round casing and that they lay flat on our ears.


2. Climber Stud, shell pearl and rose gold plated sterling silver, Kellin Silver, $44: Shell pearls (which are made by dipping beads into a shiny white material) are not real, but they share the same iridescent white as high quality pearls. Set in a curved row, these earrings are bigger than the other earrings on this list.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 8.21.49 PM

3. 3Pearl Earring, pearl and sterling silver or 14k gold, Saskia Diez, from 219£: The most expensive pair on this list are also our favorite (sigh!). They are about as large as the Kellin Silver earrings, but lay in the crevice of our ear and keep the backing completely invisible.


The New Organics: Leaf Jewelry

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 4.01.08 PM
Clockwise from top left: CZ Double Leaf Bracelet, Gingko Leaf Earrings by Michael Michaud, Leaf bracelet by Meira T., Leaf studs by Finn, Russian gold gingko leave clip-on earrings

Maybe its because its fall, but we are loving these pieces of fall jewelry popping up in stores lately. It all started with the brass gingko leaves by Michael Michaud, which we love. But they are large and can’t be worn with everyday outfits.

The second piece we found was the Meira T leaf bracelet which is much more of an investment piece – and why we prefer the organic leaves to be less obvious. It is beautiful on and falls beautifully around the wrist.

But are favorites? The Finn gold studs. These are perfect if you have a second hole and look great on their own as well.

Gingko Leaf Earrings by Michael Michaud, brass, $52

Leaf bracelet by Meira T, sapphire, diamond and gold, $2,050

Leaf studs by Finn, 18k gold, YLand23, $550

CZ Double Leaf Bracelet, gold vermeil sterling silver and pave diamonds, Jacquie Achie, $315

Russian gold gingko leave clip-on earrings, gold metal plated ross, Oscar De La Renta, $225

The Best Asymmetrical Earrings

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 9.52.20 PMThe asymmetrical earring trend has carried over from 2014 – and looks like it will continue into 2016.  So we might as well jump onboard, but only in our own Nieve style. It’s a hard look to pull off – but we recommend letting your earrings be the focus despite that. As we come into fall, we’ve found they look great with a turtleneck, especially neutral toned ones so as not to veer too far into a less modern look.

We’ve selected one bright piece, but these studs are small and fit tightly against the ear. Our favorites are the Amber Sceats ones from Australia, but we think the Madewell ones are a great alternative for a fraction of the price.

Clockwise from top left:

Arme De L’Amour, gold plated brass, Net-A-Porter, $220

Clara earrings, gold plated brass, Amber Sceats, $139

Lynne Earrings, brass and crystals, Elizabeth Cole, $77

Drawing Angles earrings by Smith/Grey, gold plated silver sterling, Wolf and Badger, $381

Industrial Stud, brass and steal, Joomi Lim, $120

Madewell Odd Shape Earrings, brass, Shopbop, $30

The New Palate: Matte Black

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 10.26.09 AM

We were struck by this simple ring from Philadelphia designer Bario Neal. The stone is enamel glass and set right against the thin gold setting, exaggerating the matte of the stone.

In person, the ring is a bit bigger than expected, but could still work in a nice set of stacked rings. The lack of color is unexpected and works surprisingly well with silver – a great way to combine rings that sometimes are hard to share on the same hand.


Senna Round Ring, Glass and Gold, from $375

Splurge or Save: Single Diamond Bangle

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 1.28.44 PM

You pay a premium for some brands – often with good reason. World class service, fast shipping, and convenience in particular. And if it is something you will wear often, then paying for the best version you can afford is the route we always recommend.

We love the Elsa Peretti bangle – it’s thin enough but still feels substantial when you put it on. The diamond is tiny (and we mean really tiny) but glints just the right way.

This Loren Stewart piece is slimmer and has a more organic, gold wire appearance. The diamond is also pretty tiny and is cased in gold. Slightly less karats than the Tiffany’s piece means it isn’t quite as shiny, and with wear the wire may become more oblong-shaped.

One note about fit: both of these bracelets come in one size and the Elsa Peretti piece is a bit smaller than the Loren Stewart one.

Elsa Peretti bangle, 18k gold and diamond, Tiffany & Co., $1000

Loren Stewart bangle, 14k gold and diamond, $375

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Noticeably Nice: Flake earrings by Wwake


Fashioned from 14k gold, these earrings are some of the most beautiful organic shapes we’ve ever seen. They lay quite high of your ear, so we think work best with hair pulled back. Depending on the size of your earlobe, these take up quite a bit of space, making them better for fancier nights out.

Everything designed by Wing Yau is something we could see ourselves wearing, but these really stand out.

shortFlake earrings, 14k gold, WWake, $345