Earrings by Annie Costello Brown

If Fall 2016 marks the return to minimalism all of us nineties kids are hoping for, it will also be known as the season of the statement earring. What better way to pop your ribbed mock turtleneck sweater than a pair of absolutely over-the-top earrings?

Enter Annie Costello Brown, an L.A. based jewelry designer and artist who we first discovered at a Clare V. shop.

Image of the designer at her studio and home borrowed from Jean Stories

These are big pieces and they are priced so fairly, we almost couldn’t believe it. Shoulder grazing brass earrings for around $300. Yes, please!

You can order them directly from her shop here, though she notes up to 4 weeks delivery time.

One of the best parts about them is how light-weight they are. Though they pack a substantial sartorial punch. We were amazed at how little they felt like when they were actually on.

Here is one of our favorites.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 8.35.15 AM
Long rain dusters in silver. $239. Available here

Brown has purposefully kept the size of her company small – so small, it’s just her. This allows her to actually create each piece herself.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 8.34.35 AM
Matisse Chandelier Earrings. Gold finish. $179 at Mille

Big Impact Earrings for Less that $75


We LOVE these. Christine Young’s Young Frankk circle earrings are made in Richmond, Virginia but (and maybe it’s just how the look-book is styled) look like they could fit in any European city.

We would wear these with a white shirt or something off-the shoulder in the summer. But could also add the perfect touch to a black ribbed turtle neck this fall.

What a perfect find! What do you think?

We like them in gold plated (which just happens to be the cheaper option at $72. Plus, if you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll get 10% off.



Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls



We first found these earrings on Instagram and fell in love. They are just a little bit edgy and really stand out against our other pearl pieces.

We’ve been wearing a variation of these since college and these feel like just the right update without being too fussy or prim.


Made from Pave diamonds, sterling silver, and, of course, a pearl. Available at Irini Designs

Necklace, $685

Earrings, $1268

Do you have any updated pearls you’re wearing lately?

Splurge or Save: Turquoise Studs

Turquoise is popping up everywhere lately, and the fact that it continues to resurface in fashion every few years suggests the popularity of this stone will only continue to resurface.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 10.17.17 PM

If you’re not used to wearing blue jewelry, or are unsure if the stone is too trendy, stud earrings are a subtle way of testing the waters.

Turquoise is actually a pretty soft stone, but it takes on a wonderful polish and, when you’re buying the real thing, you often finds flecks or veins of gold or other metals and minerals. Depending on your taste, this can be either desirable or not. Personally, we love the imperfections¬†for how it brings more character to our jewelry.

Though there are a lot of sophisticated ways to copy turquoise (many involve dying white stones) most imitations are simply cast plastic. If you’re not sure (or not ready) to invest in turquoise, these humblechic studs are only $24. Slightly smaller, these Ippolita studs are the definition of Italian refinement. But at $795, they are closer to an investment piece.

We love turquoise in earrings because it brings some color around our faces without looking unnatural. But you tell us, would you wear turquoise studs? And would you spend almost $800?



Winking Eye Jewelry

If you’re a regular Instagram user, you’ve probably seen posts from Chiara Ferragni. The italian blogger and social media star also has a collection of shoes – plus a few choice accessories – that we love but are a bit too bold for our taste.

We didn’t regret buying this phone case for a second. It is so much fun to take pictures with. Clearly we’re not the only ones. Just take a look at these photos on Instagram.

If you want to try some Chiara Ferragni wink inspired jewelry, try these three pairs of winking studs. From $180.

Our favorite are the Hortense studs. If you have two holes in one ear, they will fit on the same lobe. They also make a really sweet best-friends gift.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.32.19 PM

Wink studs, 14k gold and diamond by Hortense, $275

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.32.05 PM

Lashes studs, 14k gold, Haathi House, $240

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.32.31 PM

Golden Eye earrings, gold plate and pearl, available at Simons, $180

(above) iPhone case, plastic, by Chiara Ferragni Collection, $40

Animal Jewelry

benedicte-le-chat-earrings_ee5791aa-872e-4e2b-b48e-599c78aaf8ad_largeUsually animal jewelry is too cute-sy for our style, but these studs from French designer Benedicte stole our hearts. Part of a limited collection, they are not available at most of the stores that carry Benedicte Mouret’s designs, but we’ve sourced out a few online retailers who are still carrying these adorable cat and bunny earrings.

Available in sterling silver and plated gold, these earrings are also incredibly affordable.

lu150210_liac1124-13_s_01_001_2Various Pieces Available at:


Found Bath Co

Lucky Shops


The Best Hammered Gold Jewelry under $350

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 4.52.14 PMHammered gold always makes us feel like powerful Greek goddesses. It’s also often more affordable than non-hammered pieces because designers can use less gold to create the same size of jewelry. Hammered gold tends to be slightly less shiny as well (though you should look at the piece to make sure)

We love all these pieces equally, but particularly love the Melanie Casey stacking ring. The black diamond is strong and creates a beautiful contrast with the hammered gold. It’s also a more subtle nod to the ancients and can be matched with other non-hammered and even sterling silver.

Most of the pieces in this round-up are 14k gold, except for the collar. Since we’re hesitant to wear expensive jewelry that does not have a clasp, this is the right price to pay for this item.

Hammered bangle, 14k gold, at Bloomingdales, on sale for $350

Melanie Casey Jewelry ring, 14k gold and black diamond, at Etsy, $265

20mm hoops by Gioelli, 14k gold, at Overstock, $299 (or less)

Gorjana necklace, 18k gold plated, at Shopbop, $85

Hammered disk earrings by Nancy Kraskin, 14k gold, at CatBird, $340

Eggs and Beans

We were drawn to these organic egg shaped earrings by Sophie Buhai. They fit just right until the bottom of the ear and are the perfect everyday stud. That they are only $325 makes them even more accessible.

The first time we saw the tiny egg earrings we immediately rooted around our jewelry box for our Elsa Peretti bean earrings, which we used to wear religiously. They just go with everything. Slightly less expensive than the Sophie Buhai pieces, these ubiquitous earrings are a classic for a reason.

Our favorite way to wear both of these pieces are with black cashmere turtlenecks, but the beauty of them is that you can wear them pretty much with anything. They are that versatile.

medium_SBHF007267045_0201_20_1_Tiny Egg Studs, sterling silver, at Sophie Buhai, $325


Bean earrings, sterling silver, at Tiffany, $275