Unusual and Different Engagement Rings: Artemer


The Etsy only store Artemer makes beautiful fine jewelry in gold and other precious metals. We follow their shop and have ordered a few pieces as gifts (note their home base in Tel Aviv and accommodate shipping time accordingly). But the other day we were really struck by this beautiful engagement ring.



One of the parts we love the most is that it works with any wedding ring. Because the triangle is set with the point towards the nail it makes it easy to place a wedding band underneath.



Made with 18k yellow gold (also available in rose and white gold) and a conflict free diamond, this unusual setting is so beautiful.

ps. if you aren’t looking for an engagement ring Artemer also makes lovely smaller triangle rings from around $600.



How to Wear Rose Cut Diamonds That Are Not Engagement Rings

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 11.48.43 PM

We love rose cut diamonds but they are hard to find in jewelry (especially rings) that don’t look too engagement ring-y.

Rose cut diamonds are defined by a flat bottom with a dome-shaped crown that can be further defined by up to twenty-four facets – or small, leveled edges. The style is often found  in vintage jewelry – especially from the Victorian era. But has lost some popularity in the twentieth century.

Theses pieces of fine jewelry all have rose-cut diamonds but don’t look too much like engagement rings.

Pinched Ring with Rose Cut Diamond, diamond and 14k gold by Polly Wales, $1,240

Crown Bezel Diamond Ring, diamond and 14k gold, by Grace Lee, $1,385

Trio Ring, diamond and 14k gold, by Ananda Khalsa, $1,815

The Best Raw Diamond Earrings

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 7.48.15 PM

Raw diamonds are beautiful because they are so unexpected. There is no difference between a raw diamond and a polished one – except the polished stone has been finished and cut. The carats and clarity are the same – and the price will reflect that.

We love raw diamonds in earrings. They are the anti-sparkle, but some how still bring the same beautiful jewelry-ness to your face.

Rough Diamond Studs by Meira T, diamond and gold, available at Bee-A-Porter, $990

Earrings_1024x1024Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 6.25.26 PM

Chantilly Earrings, 18k gold and diamond, available at Plukka, $6,200


Natural Diamond Slice Earrings, 14k gold or rose gold and diamonds, Alexis Russell $228


Cube Earrings, gold and diamond, Erica Weiner, $375


Cluster Earrings, gold and diamond, Ashley Morgan, price available on request

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 8.21.34 PM

Earrings, gold and diamond, EngagedJewelry, $395 (plus many more similar pieces)

Splurge or Save: Single Diamond Bangle

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 1.28.44 PM

You pay a premium for some brands – often with good reason. World class service, fast shipping, and convenience in particular. And if it is something you will wear often, then paying for the best version you can afford is the route we always recommend.

We love the Elsa Peretti bangle – it’s thin enough but still feels substantial when you put it on. The diamond is tiny (and we mean really tiny) but glints just the right way.

This Loren Stewart piece is slimmer and has a more organic, gold wire appearance. The diamond is also pretty tiny and is cased in gold. Slightly less karats than the Tiffany’s piece means it isn’t quite as shiny, and with wear the wire may become more oblong-shaped.

One note about fit: both of these bracelets come in one size and the Elsa Peretti piece is a bit smaller than the Loren Stewart one.

Elsa Peretti bangle, 18k gold and diamond, Tiffany & Co., $1000

Loren Stewart bangle, 14k gold and diamond, $375

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Splurge or Save: Evil Eye Bracelet


We have been coveting the Netali Nissim bracelet for over a year. The proportions are gorgeous – two strands of 18k rose gold chain connect to drape the large eye design.

$3,300 is pretty expensive so we’ve collected a few others evil eyes we wouldn’t mind having protecting us from misfortune.


Sydney Evan, multiple styles, ~$440
The jewelry designer Sydney Evan has many evil eyes, but we’re partial to this one with the small diamond. Plus, bonus points for the adjustable clasp.


Ileana Makri 18k gold, 1,025euro
Beautiful, with a fine, fine gold chain


Alex Mika, costume jewelry, $150
Just for fun.


Astley Clarke, 18k gold, $325
This one is slightly different and a bit more casual, but we love how the evil eye dangles on the wrist

Updated Gold Chain



Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 6.32.48 AMThis necklace may be the perfect length. It falls just at or below the collar bone, which elongates your neck and adds a ton of sparkle around your face. You could wear it with a v-neck or scoop neck top.

Since the clusters of 18k yellow gold and small .47c diamonds make a lot of impact, we can’t see ourselves in this everyday – but as an investment statement piece, this one ticks off a lot of our must-haves.

The designer also make a version using other stones, but we’re partial to the mega-sparkle of this one. It also makes it the most easy to match other pieces in our wardrobe.

Ruth Tomlinson Necklace 2,600 euro – but her work is also sold here

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 6.33.18 AM

Elevated: Simple Diamond Ring


There are a lot of single diamond rings on the market – even mainstream jewelry designers have them, but we haven’t seen one quite like this before. Conflict free diamond? Check. Slightly organic ring shape? Check. Beautifully cut stone? Check.  What’s extra special about Lulu Designs’ Nova Diamond Ring is the deep bevels in the stone and the beautiful casing that surrounds the stone.

You’ve probably seen Lulu Designs before – they have huge distribution in California, where they’re based, but their Lulu Luxe is where the truly beautiful craftsmanship can be found.

Our take on this ring: if you’re upgrading a simple diamond stacking ring or you want to wear a simple ring by itself, it needs to work on its own. An investment piece you’ll have forever.