Hands Up

There was a charm bracelet in a vintage shop we saw last weekend with the most beautiful sculpted sterling silver hand. Shaped like a fist, the hand was lovely and we would have wanted it for our own charm bracelet, but the store wouldn’t separate the piece on its own.

The Hamsa is as common an image as there can be and is an amulet representing protection – particularly against the evil eye, one of our other favorite symbols in jewelry.

Later we saw this great bracelet from Winden Jewelry, which looks like two small hands when viewed from the top – in an almost Victorian style. This sent us a search for other hand jewelry, our favorites compiled below:


Embrace cuff, from $155 at Winden Jewelry


Fraser Hamilton ring, $183 at Wolf & Badger


As close as we found to our charm bracelet! Right hand bracelet, $245 at Gillian Steinhardt

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 6.12.18 PM.png

Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry long charm necklace, $308 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Splurge or Save: Mesh bracelet

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 5.37.24 PM

We always coveted the sterling silver mesh cuff from Tiffany’s Somerset collection. Partly for how it looked, but also because it was so much fun to play with on our wrist. Though the mesh isn’t loose enough to change shape, the sterling silver stretches to fit onto most wrists and looks beautiful over black cashmere or peaking out from a soft silk blouse.

At $625, it’s a fair amount of money for a pretty casual piece. So we sourced this Blue Nile version. It doesn’t have the robin-egg-blue pedigree but it is lovely – and unique enough that it won’t look like you’re sporting a fake.

And when we tried it on, it still had the same flexible fun characteristic as the Tiffany version. The Blue Nile version is also thicker than the Tiffany version, which makes it even better for a nice date night.

Which one would you wear?

Wide mesh bracelet, sterling silver, Blue Nile, $350

Somerset bracelet, sterling silver, Tiffany&Co., $625

The Best Hammered Gold Jewelry under $350

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 4.52.14 PMHammered gold always makes us feel like powerful Greek goddesses. It’s also often more affordable than non-hammered pieces because designers can use less gold to create the same size of jewelry. Hammered gold tends to be slightly less shiny as well (though you should look at the piece to make sure)

We love all these pieces equally, but particularly love the Melanie Casey stacking ring. The black diamond is strong and creates a beautiful contrast with the hammered gold. It’s also a more subtle nod to the ancients and can be matched with other non-hammered and even sterling silver.

Most of the pieces in this round-up are 14k gold, except for the collar. Since we’re hesitant to wear expensive jewelry that does not have a clasp, this is the right price to pay for this item.

Hammered bangle, 14k gold, at Bloomingdales, on sale for $350

Melanie Casey Jewelry ring, 14k gold and black diamond, at Etsy, $265

20mm hoops by Gioelli, 14k gold, at Overstock, $299 (or less)

Gorjana necklace, 18k gold plated, at Shopbop, $85

Hammered disk earrings by Nancy Kraskin, 14k gold, at CatBird, $340

Trend Lines: Just a Wee Bit of Chain

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 10.22.41 PM

Bracelets that do up with a small chain is a nice trend, and it’s also pretty practical. You can usually adjust the width – which makes them easier to wear with other pieces and maintain the order you want on your wrist.

We’ve particularly appreciated this when we wear jewelry at our desks – keeping our jewelry from clanking around too much against our keyboards.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.12.24 PM

Wish Cuff, 18k rose gold, Ginette NY, $1,375


Round Link Bracelet, 14k gold, Melissa Joy Manning, $1,215

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.22.38 PM

Wingnut Toggle Bracelet, metal, Marc Jacobs, $78

The New Organics: Leaf Jewelry

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 4.01.08 PM
Clockwise from top left: CZ Double Leaf Bracelet, Gingko Leaf Earrings by Michael Michaud, Leaf bracelet by Meira T., Leaf studs by Finn, Russian gold gingko leave clip-on earrings

Maybe its because its fall, but we are loving these pieces of fall jewelry popping up in stores lately. It all started with the brass gingko leaves by Michael Michaud, which we love. But they are large and can’t be worn with everyday outfits.

The second piece we found was the Meira T leaf bracelet which is much more of an investment piece – and why we prefer the organic leaves to be less obvious. It is beautiful on and falls beautifully around the wrist.

But are favorites? The Finn gold studs. These are perfect if you have a second hole and look great on their own as well.

Gingko Leaf Earrings by Michael Michaud, brass, $52

Leaf bracelet by Meira T, sapphire, diamond and gold, $2,050

Leaf studs by Finn, 18k gold, YLand23, $550

CZ Double Leaf Bracelet, gold vermeil sterling silver and pave diamonds, Jacquie Achie, $315

Russian gold gingko leave clip-on earrings, gold metal plated ross, Oscar De La Renta, $225

5 Anchor Bracelets Under $75

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 3.04.23 PM
Clockwise, from top left: Miansai, Humble Chic, Watch Bandit, Kiel James Patrick, New England Trading Co.

We know, we know, it’s not summer anymore. But we think you should still be able to wear an anchor bracelet with wool sweaters without looking like you stepped out of an LL Bean Catalog (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

This selection of anchor bracelets runs from classic to modern. None of them are fine jewelry and all are priced below $75 – making them a great gift. We picked our favorite colors in the examples here, but all of them are available in a rainbow of shades – just click on the links below to see them all:

Anchor bracelet, vegan leather and metal, at Humble Chic, $34

Modern anchor, leather and metal, Miansai, $75

The black flag, rope and metal, Kiel James Patrick, $40

Anchor bracelet, leather and coated material, Watch Bandit, $45.95

Anchor me bracelet, silver plate and leather, New England Trading Co., $29.95

Honeycomb Jewelry

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 12.08.36 PM
From Left to Right: In God We Trust, Tessa Packard, Ayaka Nishi, Emilie Shapiro, Bee Amour

We were so sad to find out these Tessa Packard Honeycomb Studs, (240£) would not ship to North America so we set out to find our favorite honeycomb jewelry state side.

We stumbled upon Anna Gieselman, who is bee keeper and jewelry designer. Each piece is made to order, so expect a few weeks for delivery from Austin, where she was raised and now raises her bees. If you live in the area you can find her at local art fairs and shops, but if you don’t check out her Instagram.

We’ve also pulled together a few other honeycomb pieces we love from less than $200 to $850.

Honeycomb ring by Emilie Shapiro at Audry Rose, 14k recycled gold with moonstones, $341

In God We Trust Honeycomb Studs at Need Supply Co., sterling silver, $120

Ayaka Nishi, Honeycomb bracelet, 18k gold plated bronze, $380

Bee Amour rings (3 rings that interlock into a single ring), 14k gold, $850