Updated: The New Belly Chain

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Did you ever think you would be reading those words again? Neither did we, until we spotted an incredibly chic woman at the launch of The True Cost – a documentary about sustainable fashion (worth seeing, IOHO).

With her gown – that was held up by tiny, criss-crossed straps and had an exposed back she wore a thin gold chain. It brought shape to her waist in a way the ’90s dress didn’t and was such an unexpected hint of glamor.

She wasn’t, but to add more watts to this look, matching gold cuffs might just be it.

Where to Buy:

Not sure if you want to commit to this look? Only summer for a few months of the year? This is a bold look and we always advocate starting small. For this, Etsy has a fair number of good costume jewelry options.

On the other hand, these two pieces below also work as necklaces – which might inspire you to search through your jewelry box for something instead.

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Left: Jacquie Aiche; $2,475 (most expensive)

Right: Rosantica; $375 (our pic)

More options on Etsy from $19. Our pick, here

Updated Gold Chain



Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 6.32.48 AMThis necklace may be the perfect length. It falls just at or below the collar bone, which elongates your neck and adds a ton of sparkle around your face. You could wear it with a v-neck or scoop neck top.

Since the clusters of 18k yellow gold and small .47c diamonds make a lot of impact, we can’t see ourselves in this everyday – but as an investment statement piece, this one ticks off a lot of our must-haves.

The designer also make a version using other stones, but we’re partial to the mega-sparkle of this one. It also makes it the most easy to match other pieces in our wardrobe.

Ruth Tomlinson Necklace 2,600 euro – but her work is also sold here

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I’m Melting, I’m Melting – Saskia Diez


Based in Germany, Saskia Diez is designed to be modern and a little bit aggressive, without sacrificing femininity. We’re partial to the melting bangle which is a simple silver bangle with a long silver chain. The piece is delicate – the bangle is about 1mm thick – and can’t be worn everyday (I’d worry about the chain catching on something too much!) but it would be a great piece for amping up a warm weather outfit or wearing to dinner.

Fortunately the price point is very reasonable for an occasional piece. We think this would work best on its own, without rings or another bracelet.


Elevated: Simple Diamond Ring


There are a lot of single diamond rings on the market – even mainstream jewelry designers have them, but we haven’t seen one quite like this before. Conflict free diamond? Check. Slightly organic ring shape? Check. Beautifully cut stone? Check.  What’s extra special about Lulu Designs’ Nova Diamond Ring is the deep bevels in the stone and the beautiful casing that surrounds the stone.

You’ve probably seen Lulu Designs before – they have huge distribution in California, where they’re based, but their Lulu Luxe is where the truly beautiful craftsmanship can be found.

Our take on this ring: if you’re upgrading a simple diamond stacking ring or you want to wear a simple ring by itself, it needs to work on its own. An investment piece you’ll have forever.


Oversized Pearl Bracelet by Morgan Jean


We don’t normally consider Morgan Jean Jewelry our style (we like them, but they’ve always been a bit clunkier than we usually wear), but something about these freshwater pearl bracelets really caught our eye. A 14k filled gold chain bracelet connects to a large freshwater pearl that is inset with a small cut of topaz. The gold is bright and looks very modern next to the swirly white of the pearl.

The bracelet does up with a clasp and is 7″ around. As always with chain, you may find the piece will stretch out a bit. Depending on the size of your wrist, the pearl may hang down a bit on your hand. A look we like, but might not be practical for everyday type of wear.

We recommend this piece if you’re looking to update your collection of fine gold pieces. It’s also priced very reasonably at $113 on her site.

Click here to visit her product page.

Memphis Jewelry From Acme Studio

A classic piece of memphis design
A classic piece of memphis design

Memphis style has been hitting back against its reputation of tacky, post-modern, and plastic. Active from 1981 to 1988, the group, lead by Italian Ettore Sottsass named itself after the Bob Dylan song Stuck Inside of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again (lyrics here), produced now iconic furniture inspired by pop art.

Usually we wouldn’t consider Memphis our style, but there is something brave about the shapes and colors that we find a bit enticing.

We found these rings on Yoox by UK based Italian design jewelry designer Maria Francesca Pepe that incorporate the bright colors and lines of Memphis in an aesthetic we think is a bit more wearable. Unfortunately, not up on her site anymore, but Yoox has been a reliable shipper before.


Although also considered costume jewelry, ACME Studio’s deadstock pieces have serious vintage cred. The company began in 1985 when they released the jewelry of Memphis Group member Peter Shire. They are mostly known for writing instruments, but, starting this year they have been slowly releasing pieces from their archives for sale on their website.

Here are two broaches we have our eyes on below. We think they would like great with a classic striped shirt – very Comme de Garcons – or afixed to a silk scarf wrapped around your neck with a simple black or grey top.


Click here to shop Acme Legacy

The Best Knot Rings

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 11.36.27 AM

Simple and elegant knot rings, possibly inspired by Celtic designs are timeless. We love them in yellow gold – even if you don’t usually wear it – and in pink gold. If you prefer a minimalist look, the simple twisted metal will work for everyday use on its own or stacked with other favorites. Here are our picks of the best knot rings from under $100 and up.

Clockwise From Top Left:

Tiny knot ring $121

Big knot ring $48

Organic knot ring from $78

Classic knot ring from $175

18k gold knot ring $750

Sweetest designer story $390

Our review: The classic knot ring is our pick. Designed by Ariel Gordon, the ring lays flat and is big enough that you can see the knot, with a peek of skin between the metal fold. The price is also just right for a piece you’ll wear everyday.