UK to US: Brooke Gregson


nasa14.jpgWe went crazy for these astrological necklaces. The astrology sign necklaces are designed by Brooke Gregson from London and are a beautiful splurge birthday gift for someone you love.


Each piece is priced differently and made from 14k brushed and carved yellow gold and diamonds. The Aries (3 diamonds) is just over $1,000 and the most expensive Virgo, is just over $2,600.


We loved trying our sign (Aquarius) on. The piece is weightier than it appears in photographs and falls below the collar bone. The 14k gold is very shiny and bright. Depending on the sign, the token may be oblong or a smaller circle.


You can find the entire 12 piece collection here

The Best of Jewelry Abroad: Foe and Dear from Canada

Foe and Doe may have started in Brooklyn, but designer Katherine Huie is Vancouver, Canada based now.

If you’ve ever been to Vancouver, you know it is one of the most beautiful places in Canada – if a bit gray – and Huie’s jewelry has the same muted, natural aesthetic – with a few pops of sparkle.



If you order from her site, all of the packages come in the brightest gold bubble envelope, making them great gifts.


We particularly love this opal ring, with it’s giant claw setting.  It is a perfect cocktail ring that is also casual enough to wear for a dinner out – plus at $90, it’s a great price.


These earrings we love for the holiday season – the bright rose gold druzy is totally modernized by the oversized claw setting.

Foe and Dear is available on Etsy,in shops, and on their site.