Noticeably Nice: Kataoka

Yoshinobu Kataoka is a master jeweler from Tokyo, whose work crops up in the most unusual places (ABC Home, for example) but also shops like Catbird and YLang. 1602-kok-1-1

After working for his family’s company for years, Yoshinobu Kataoka struck out on his own to create his own jewelry from conflict free materials. The result is Kataoka.

We find these pieces to be a little bit Victorian, but so much more delicate than what you’ll actually find from the era. We’re particularly taken with the bands inspired by branches.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 9.24.32 AM

This is fine jewelry (with the prices to match) and there is a production time if you order it straight from the shop, but these are true heirloom pieces.

Our pick: This beautiful necklace for $1,870




Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls



We first found these earrings on Instagram and fell in love. They are just a little bit edgy and really stand out against our other pearl pieces.

We’ve been wearing a variation of these since college and these feel like just the right update without being too fussy or prim.


Made from Pave diamonds, sterling silver, and, of course, a pearl. Available at Irini Designs

Necklace, $685

Earrings, $1268

Do you have any updated pearls you’re wearing lately?

Animal Jewelry

benedicte-le-chat-earrings_ee5791aa-872e-4e2b-b48e-599c78aaf8ad_largeUsually animal jewelry is too cute-sy for our style, but these studs from French designer Benedicte stole our hearts. Part of a limited collection, they are not available at most of the stores that carry Benedicte Mouret’s designs, but we’ve sourced out a few online retailers who are still carrying these adorable cat and bunny earrings.

Available in sterling silver and plated gold, these earrings are also incredibly affordable.

lu150210_liac1124-13_s_01_001_2Various Pieces Available at:


Found Bath Co

Lucky Shops


Noticeably Nice: Rainbow Quill Necklace

Large-Rainbow-Quill-NL-18Y-copy-590x440It’s hard to find Polly Wales pieces in the States. The British designer tries to make jewelry that is the opposite of glossy and chic and is more about celebrating the inconsistencies found in handcrafted jewelry.

We are incredibly fond of her pieces that display beautiful rainbows of sapphires without seeming silly at all. Their scale is perfectly proportioned to display the variety of colors without looking garish at all.

This necklace is an investment, to be sure. But it demonstrates the perks of fine jewelry at it best – it’s noticeably nice without being in your face. There are a few other pieces available at Love Adorned but it’s worth checking out the designer’s website in case you find yourself in the vicinity of a store. The quality is noticeable and each piece is slightly unique.

Quill Necklace by Polly Wales, 18k gold and sapphire, available at Love Adorned, $2,375

Noticeably Nice: Flake earrings by Wwake


Fashioned from 14k gold, these earrings are some of the most beautiful organic shapes we’ve ever seen. They lay quite high of your ear, so we think work best with hair pulled back. Depending on the size of your earlobe, these take up quite a bit of space, making them better for fancier nights out.

Everything designed by Wing Yau is something we could see ourselves wearing, but these really stand out.

shortFlakeĀ earrings, 14k gold, WWake, $345