Unusual and Different Engagement Rings: Artemer


The Etsy only store Artemer makes beautiful fine jewelry in gold and other precious metals. We follow their shop and have ordered a few pieces as gifts (note their home base in Tel Aviv and accommodate shipping time accordingly). But the other day we were really struck by this beautiful engagement ring.



One of the parts we love the most is that it works with any wedding ring. Because the triangle is set with the point towards the nail it makes it easy to place a wedding band underneath.



Made with 18k yellow gold (also available in rose and white gold) and a conflict free diamond, this unusual setting is so beautiful.

ps. if you aren’t looking for an engagement ring Artemer also makes lovely smaller triangle rings from around $600.



Store Visit: The Everlane of Jewelry


Everlane has made a name for itself creating classic pieces of clothing that are highly designed and totally classic. We’re always on the search for what we call the “everlane of jewelry” – those nebulous pieces you just wear again and again.

Recently we popped into Ted Muehling’s shop in New York. It looks like a home that someone has lived in for a long time and been able to collect the perfect pieces for all the little corners. Most noticeable is the birch canoe hanging from the ceiling of the loft. It really sets the stage for the natural and functional vibe of all the jewelry.

What we really came in here for was to talk ourselves into/out of buying a new pair of Ted Meuhling’s classic rice earrings. These gems are so, so perfect. We already have them in black (14k gold wire, about $150), but have been admiring the brushed gold for a while now.

That is until we saw these pinecone beauties (below, far right). In the end, we couldn’t decide which ones we liked better. The gold rice earrings are great for dressing up and down, but it’s so hard to make a pinecone earring not look too cutesy (I see a future blog post coming on that!)


Elevate: Wearable Perfume Jewelry

Kilian scented necklaces from $245

Yup, you heard that right. Scented jewelry is a thing and it’s on our blog. Originally skeptical (and for the record, we’re not exactly convinced) we were curious how jewelry can actually hold a scent. Kilian makes the best known scented fine jewelry. Kilian was established as a parfumerie, and to be certain are still best known for their stand alone scents. We looked into their scented jewelry and this is what we found:

Firstly, many are made with leather or other fabric components. Kilian guarantees the cords on their designs will remain scented for a year, after which they can be replaced or you can simply wear your piece as is – and it’s still lovely.

The really cool pieces (for us) feature a small ceramic plate that can be sprayed again when the scent wears off.

So who would wear this? If you had really sensitive skin, some of these designs would be a great fit – but we think the best reason to buy one of these pieces is because they are beautiful and a reasonable price.

Our pick: The disco ring (in small) houses a small ceramic plate that can be sprayed with any scent.


Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 10.39.31 PM

Leather scented bracelets (we think these could work for unisex), Killian, from $195

Stacked: Mixed Metal Bangles to Line Up

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 12.24.48 AM

Something about putting on lighter linen pieces in the spring and summer makes us just want to slide a few more pieces on our wrists. With flowy tops, loose dresses, and even shorts, a few stacked bangles add some gravitas to an outfit. Here are five we think would look great in a row – but could also be worn alone for a more elegant evening kindof look.

Though our moms might not agree that you can mix metals like we have here, we think this look is fresh and appears more like an organic collection, grown over time.

We surprised ourselves with how much we liked the Alexander McQueen bangle – it looks clunker in photographs than in real life. But our favorite piece is the Duchamp bangle. Partly for the name, partly for how many ways we can wear it. It works as well on its own, stacked with a few other statement pieces, or mixed in with some cheap metal bangles or strap of ribbon wrapped and tied around our wrist.

from left:

Gorjana Alphabet Cuff, $70

Alexander McQueen Cuff, $330

Duchamp Cuff, $176 (our favorite)

Knot Bangle, $98

Updated Gold Chain



Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 6.32.48 AMThis necklace may be the perfect length. It falls just at or below the collar bone, which elongates your neck and adds a ton of sparkle around your face. You could wear it with a v-neck or scoop neck top.

Since the clusters of 18k yellow gold and small .47c diamonds make a lot of impact, we can’t see ourselves in this everyday – but as an investment statement piece, this one ticks off a lot of our must-haves.

The designer also make a version using other stones, but we’re partial to the mega-sparkle of this one. It also makes it the most easy to match other pieces in our wardrobe.

Ruth Tomlinson Necklace 2,600 euro – but her work is also sold here

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 6.33.18 AM

Elevated: Simple Diamond Ring


There are a lot of single diamond rings on the market – even mainstream jewelry designers have them, but we haven’t seen one quite like this before. Conflict free diamond? Check. Slightly organic ring shape? Check. Beautifully cut stone? Check.  What’s extra special about Lulu Designs’ Nova Diamond Ring is the deep bevels in the stone and the beautiful casing that surrounds the stone.

You’ve probably seen Lulu Designs before – they have huge distribution in California, where they’re based, but their Lulu Luxe is where the truly beautiful craftsmanship can be found.

Our take on this ring: if you’re upgrading a simple diamond stacking ring or you want to wear a simple ring by itself, it needs to work on its own. An investment piece you’ll have forever.