Seaside Spring: Sea Shell Jewelry Three Ways

While we probably wouldn’t wear a piece of clothing with seashell motifs on it, we love simple pieces that highlight petite sea life. Of course you can always go organic and wear pearl, coral, and shell jewelry, we’ve enjoyed seeing the shapes in gold, brass and silver. The look is results in an accessory that is more monochromatic and modern.

Our Favorite Sea Shell Jewelry


Splurge: Valentino Rings, $745.
How we wear them:  across three fingers


Our Choice: Annette Ferdinandsen Mussel Earrings, $295
We love these! 18k gold earring hooks carry a muddled silver earring. Also available in small and larger.


French: Isabel Marant, $150
A combination of real shells and antiqued brass, these are costume jewelry done right.