Earrings by Annie Costello Brown

If Fall 2016 marks the return to minimalism all of us nineties kids are hoping for, it will also be known as the season of the statement earring. What better way to pop your ribbed mock turtleneck sweater than a pair of absolutely over-the-top earrings?

Enter Annie Costello Brown, an L.A. based jewelry designer and artist who we first discovered at a Clare V. shop.

Image of the designer at her studio and home borrowed from Jean Stories

These are big pieces and they are priced so fairly, we almost couldn’t believe it. Shoulder grazing brass earrings for around $300. Yes, please!

You can order them directly from her shop here, though she notes up to 4 weeks delivery time.

One of the best parts about them is how light-weight they are. Though they pack a substantial sartorial punch. We were amazed at how little they felt like when they were actually on.

Here is one of our favorites.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 8.35.15 AM
Long rain dusters in silver. $239. Available here

Brown has purposefully kept the size of her company small – so small, it’s just her. This allows her to actually create each piece herself.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 8.34.35 AM
Matisse Chandelier Earrings. Gold finish. $179 at Mille

Contemporary Planet Jewelry


We’re definitely not the first people to hear about Sehti Na (she’s been profiled in Vogue and worn by celebrities for years) but we still think she deserves a spotlight here.

These pieces are not costume jewelry, but they are still statement pieces that work best on their own. The earrings are beautiful, but we really love the rings which have a nice organic, hammered look.

The Saturn rings are petite and could be worn on any finger, while the Cosmos rings actually take up a deceptively large amount of space on a finger.

Saturn Collection, 14k gold and various stones and pearls, from $370

Parallel Planet Ring, part of the Cosmos Collection 10k white gold with various stones and pearls, from $600Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.22.04 PM

Caged In

Mute Objects

Mute Object may be one of the most secretive companies we’ve ever tried to learn about.  What we do know is that they make each piece in their studio in Chicago and the founders were high-school friends. Their website is under construction, but you can find these cage-y rings at quite a few retailers online.

Open Pyramid Ring in 14K Yellow Gold 34148-200x200

It’s hard to find a large ring that doesn’t look clunky, but this one totally works for us.

The cage does go up quite high, so works better on a mid-finger where it won’t snag any clothes. The pieces are big and stand out, so you don’t need to stack them with anything else on that finger.

Verdict: Recommended and let’s find out more about these guys.

Available at Susan Campbell Jewelry ($300)