Leather Fringe Jewelry

We love the look of this Tom Ford cuff which is entirely impractical as jewelry, but something we’d like to hang on our wall. It reminds us of the outfit Carrie wears in Sex and the City with a long fringe purse – totally beautiful but not exactly wearable.


A leather fringe in winter is a particularly nice combination, when texture is king and turtlenecks and long sleeves mean most of our jewelry is covered up.

Here are a few other leather pieces we love that are a bit more wearable.


Biker collar, we love the wrapped leather choker, $152 at AhaLife



Tassel Collar  $44 at Bauble Bar


Tom Ford Tassel cuff, $890 at Neiman Marcus

OaEaXz8UQ4WNNiQJwVCP_Av3ABGzRW2vKAAftFXvg_Ilaria Fringe Necklace-Black-HF14130-01-Top-1.jpg

Our Pick: Ilaria Leather Necklace, $158 at AhaLife (also available in gold and silver)


Suede fringe necklace, $54.90 at Express


Polka Dot Jewelry

On Instagram the other day we saw the most beautiful brass jewelry ring. The caption was in Japanese, the account was in Japanese, and the best internet scouring has produced not so much as a clue.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 4.23.40 PM

With or without the fantom ring, we’ve had polka dots on the mind. Looking through our jewelry box we found this classic Kusama Louis Vuitton bracelet (which you can still find on second hand sites on the web) from a few years back.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 4.27.52 PM

We also stumbled across several other polka dot styles we love.

Marc Jacobs Steel bracelet, $92 at Yoox  (bottom right)

Vintage Italian bracelet, $9,800 at 1st Dibs  (bottom left)

Our biggest discovery is John Hardy, whose dot collection has some pieces we love.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 4.28.22 PM

John Hardy drop earrings, $795 at Bloomingdale’s

Dot bangle by John Hardy at $670 at Neiman Marcus



2 in 1 Jewelry: Three pieces of convertible jewelry

There are few things more exciting than finding out that an item of clothing you love is reversible. It’s two for the price of one. Even if you prefer wearing it one way over the other it’s nice to know you can switch it out once in a while.

We never even considered that jewelry could be designed the same way, but it’s such a smart idea. Some of our favorite convertible fine jewelry  earrings can be found here and here. But for less than half the price, the pieces below are also good investments and – considering you’re technically getting two pieces from each – a great deal.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 9.31.33 PM

Convertible choker and earring, gold plated brass, Maison Margiela at Net-A-Porter, $480

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 9.31.46 PM

Convertible cuff and necklace, alloy and ribbon, by Gabriela Artigas at Des Kohan, $218

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 9.32.12 PM

Studs with removable drops, gold plate, Chalcedony and Iolite by Bounkit at Charm & Chain, $495


The Best Pearl Rings

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 11.08.32 AMWe once fell in love with a pearl stacking ring on a trip to Japan. Not too expensive and just the right amount of luminescent pearls, we were sad to learn the designer had stopped making them because he hadn’t figured out a way to make sure the pearls stayed in place.

While we may never be able to wear that particular ring, we have been finding a number of rings made of gold and pearl that are equally nice. Because pearls are less expensive than many stone, this also makes the pricing a lot more approachable.

  1. White Equilibrium ring, 14k gold, pave diamonds and pearl, Jennie Kwon, $560
  2. Pearl  stacking ring, 14k gold and pearl, YLang23, $292
  3. Small Pearl Ring, 14k gold, pearl and diamond, Jennifer Fisher, $1,800
  4. Quarry ring, 14k gold and pink pearl, Bird, $480

How to Wear Rose Cut Diamonds That Are Not Engagement Rings

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 11.48.43 PM

We love rose cut diamonds but they are hard to find in jewelry (especially rings) that don’t look too engagement ring-y.

Rose cut diamonds are defined by a flat bottom with a dome-shaped crown that can be further defined by up to twenty-four facets – or small, leveled edges. The style is often found  in vintage jewelry – especially from the Victorian era. But has lost some popularity in the twentieth century.

Theses pieces of fine jewelry all have rose-cut diamonds but don’t look too much like engagement rings.

Pinched Ring with Rose Cut Diamond, diamond and 14k gold by Polly Wales, $1,240

Crown Bezel Diamond Ring, diamond and 14k gold, by Grace Lee, $1,385

Trio Ring, diamond and 14k gold, by Ananda Khalsa, $1,815

The Best Hammered Gold Jewelry under $350

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 4.52.14 PMHammered gold always makes us feel like powerful Greek goddesses. It’s also often more affordable than non-hammered pieces because designers can use less gold to create the same size of jewelry. Hammered gold tends to be slightly less shiny as well (though you should look at the piece to make sure)

We love all these pieces equally, but particularly love the Melanie Casey stacking ring. The black diamond is strong and creates a beautiful contrast with the hammered gold. It’s also a more subtle nod to the ancients and can be matched with other non-hammered and even sterling silver.

Most of the pieces in this round-up are 14k gold, except for the collar. Since we’re hesitant to wear expensive jewelry that does not have a clasp, this is the right price to pay for this item.

Hammered bangle, 14k gold, at Bloomingdales, on sale for $350

Melanie Casey Jewelry ring, 14k gold and black diamond, at Etsy, $265

20mm hoops by Gioelli, 14k gold, at Overstock, $299 (or less)

Gorjana necklace, 18k gold plated, at Shopbop, $85

Hammered disk earrings by Nancy Kraskin, 14k gold, at CatBird, $340

The Best Raw Diamond Earrings

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 7.48.15 PM

Raw diamonds are beautiful because they are so unexpected. There is no difference between a raw diamond and a polished one – except the polished stone has been finished and cut. The carats and clarity are the same – and the price will reflect that.

We love raw diamonds in earrings. They are the anti-sparkle, but some how still bring the same beautiful jewelry-ness to your face.

Rough Diamond Studs by Meira T, diamond and gold, available at Bee-A-Porter, $990

Earrings_1024x1024Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 6.25.26 PM

Chantilly Earrings, 18k gold and diamond, available at Plukka, $6,200


Natural Diamond Slice Earrings, 14k gold or rose gold and diamonds, Alexis Russell $228


Cube Earrings, gold and diamond, Erica Weiner, $375


Cluster Earrings, gold and diamond, Ashley Morgan, price available on request

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 8.21.34 PM

Earrings, gold and diamond, EngagedJewelry, $395 (plus many more similar pieces)