Splurge or Save: Turquoise Studs

Turquoise is popping up everywhere lately, and the fact that it continues to resurface in fashion every few years suggests the popularity of this stone will only continue to resurface.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 10.17.17 PM

If you’re not used to wearing blue jewelry, or are unsure if the stone is too trendy, stud earrings are a subtle way of testing the waters.

Turquoise is actually a pretty soft stone, but it takes on a wonderful polish and, when you’re buying the real thing, you often finds flecks or veins of gold or other metals and minerals. Depending on your taste, this can be either desirable or not. Personally, we love the imperfections for how it brings more character to our jewelry.

Though there are a lot of sophisticated ways to copy turquoise (many involve dying white stones) most imitations are simply cast plastic. If you’re not sure (or not ready) to invest in turquoise, these humblechic studs are only $24. Slightly smaller, these Ippolita studs are the definition of Italian refinement. But at $795, they are closer to an investment piece.

We love turquoise in earrings because it brings some color around our faces without looking unnatural. But you tell us, would you wear turquoise studs? And would you spend almost $800?



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