UK to USA: The Best of Jewelry Abroad: Laura Lee

LLN23-CLOSEUP_1Our new feature where we share our favorite UK jewelry discoveries and the North American stores you can find them in.

Laura Lee is a UK designer who launched her line in 1985 and opened her boutique in 2004. Her tiny shop is dainty gold perfection and all of her pieces looks fantastic when layered.

It’s hard to find her pieces here in the States, but LLN23-DRAPE_1recently Anthropologie began carrying a few choice designs. Our favorite piece is this long (40″) necklace with a bright, freshwater pearl hanging at the end and smaller pearls sprinkled asymmetrically along the gold chain. There is no clasp and the piece can be wrapped twice to create a more layered look that lies closer to the collarbone.

Draped Pearl Necklace by Laura Lee, gold and pearl, at Anthrolopologie, $478

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