Noticeably Nice: Rainbow Quill Necklace

Large-Rainbow-Quill-NL-18Y-copy-590x440It’s hard to find Polly Wales pieces in the States. The British designer tries to make jewelry that is the opposite of glossy and chic and is more about celebrating the inconsistencies found in handcrafted jewelry.

We are incredibly fond of her pieces that display beautiful rainbows of sapphires without seeming silly at all. Their scale is perfectly proportioned to display the variety of colors without looking garish at all.

This necklace is an investment, to be sure. But it demonstrates the perks of fine jewelry at it best – it’s noticeably nice without being in your face. There are a few other pieces available at Love Adorned but it’s worth checking out the designer’s website in case you find yourself in the vicinity of a store. The quality is noticeable and each piece is slightly unique.

Quill Necklace by Polly Wales, 18k gold and sapphire, available at Love Adorned, $2,375

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