Splurge or Save: Single Diamond Bangle

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 1.28.44 PM

You pay a premium for some brands – often with good reason. World class service, fast shipping, and convenience in particular. And if it is something you will wear often, then paying for the best version you can afford is the route we always recommend.

We love the Elsa Peretti bangle – it’s thin enough but still feels substantial when you put it on. The diamond is tiny (and we mean really tiny) but glints just the right way.

This Loren Stewart piece is slimmer and has a more organic, gold wire appearance. The diamond is also pretty tiny and is cased in gold. Slightly less karats than the Tiffany’s piece means it isn’t quite as shiny, and with wear the wire may become more oblong-shaped.

One note about fit: both of these bracelets come in one size and the Elsa Peretti piece is a bit smaller than the Loren Stewart one.

Elsa Peretti bangle, 18k gold and diamond, Tiffany & Co., $1000

Loren Stewart bangle, 14k gold and diamond, $375

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