The Best Black Jewelry

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 1.30.44 PM
Clockwise from top left: Repossi, Lizzie Fortunato, Miansai, Fred Meyer, and Catherine Zangrando

Usually we think of black colored fashion for our clothes and let our jewelry be the polish and sparkle. But there are other times that we want our jewelry to be as matte as our wardrobe tends to be. Here are our picks for the best black jewelry.

We’re particularly fond of the Miansai bracelet which we’ve often found to be too clunky in shinier metals. The sizing is S/M/L so best to try on before purchasing.

The Repossi ring is probably the favorite of the bunch. The point is only slightly above your finger when on, but is quite pointy.

So how do they make black jewelry. There are several ways, but the two most common techniques are using enamel and PVD. Physical Vapor Deposition is more costly than enamel but the effects for both are a glossy black finish.

Repossi ring at Montaigne Market, white gold covered by PVD, $672

Miansai bracelet, $225

Catherine Zangrando Jason Black Enamel Cube Mono Earring at Street2Runway, brass covered in enamel, $361

Fred Meyer studs, 2 ct. Black Diamond Stud Earrings in 10K White Gold, $399

Midnight choker, Lizzie Fortunato, gold-plated brass and water buffalo horn choker, $450

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