The Unique Cuffs of Jennifer Fisher

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.48.05 PM

For an outfit that you want to add a little bling to, these Jennifer Fisher bangles and bracelets are our picks from a pretty knock-out collection. We first learned about Jennifer Fisher on Instagram where her inspirational quotes, brightly lit food shots, and cute family photos helped us see her bright, glittery pieces in a more laid back light.

Instead of picturing them with a cocktail dress, we started to see how we could also wear them with jeans, t-shirts, and even workwear.

You can buy the pieces on their site (or even by phone!). Plus; she posts the recipes for the food she makes here.

Braid Cuff, Gold Plate, $695

Small Pulse Cuff, Gold Plate, $365

Mini Organic Cuff, Gold Plate $245

Small Chain Link Cuff, Gold Plate, $420

XXS Heart, 14k Gold, $350

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