Store Visit: The Everlane of Jewelry


Everlane has made a name for itself creating classic pieces of clothing that are highly designed and totally classic. We’re always on the search for what we call the “everlane of jewelry” – those nebulous pieces you just wear again and again.

Recently we popped into Ted Muehling’s shop in New York. It looks like a home that someone has lived in for a long time and been able to collect the perfect pieces for all the little corners. Most noticeable is the birch canoe hanging from the ceiling of the loft. It really sets the stage for the natural and functional vibe of all the jewelry.

What we really came in here for was to talk ourselves into/out of buying a new pair of Ted Meuhling’s classic rice earrings. These gems are so, so perfect. We already have them in black (14k gold wire, about $150), but have been admiring the brushed gold for a while now.

That is until we saw these pinecone beauties (below, far right). In the end, we couldn’t decide which ones we liked better. The gold rice earrings are great for dressing up and down, but it’s so hard to make a pinecone earring not look too cutesy (I see a future blog post coming on that!)


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