Elevate: Wearable Perfume Jewelry

Kilian scented necklaces from $245

Yup, you heard that right. Scented jewelry is a thing and it’s on our blog. Originally skeptical (and for the record, we’re not exactly convinced) we were curious how jewelry can actually hold a scent. Kilian makes the best known scented fine jewelry. Kilian was established as a parfumerie, and to be certain are still best known for their stand alone scents. We looked into their scented jewelry and this is what we found:

Firstly, many are made with leather or other fabric components. Kilian guarantees the cords on their designs will remain scented for a year, after which they can be replaced or you can simply wear your piece as is – and it’s still lovely.

The really cool pieces (for us) feature a small ceramic plate that can be sprayed again when the scent wears off.

So who would wear this? If you had really sensitive skin, some of these designs would be a great fit – but we think the best reason to buy one of these pieces is because they are beautiful and a reasonable price.

Our pick: The disco ring (in small) houses a small ceramic plate that can be sprayed with any scent.


Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 10.39.31 PM

Leather scented bracelets (we think these could work for unisex), Killian, from $195

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