Stacked: Mixed Metal Bangles to Line Up

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 12.24.48 AM

Something about putting on lighter linen pieces in the spring and summer makes us just want to slide a few more pieces on our wrists. With flowy tops, loose dresses, and even shorts, a few stacked bangles add some gravitas to an outfit. Here are five we think would look great in a row – but could also be worn alone for a more elegant evening kindof look.

Though our moms might not agree that you can mix metals like we have here, we think this look is fresh and appears more like an organic collection, grown over time.

We surprised ourselves with how much we liked the Alexander McQueen bangle – it looks clunker in photographs than in real life. But our favorite piece is the Duchamp bangle. Partly for the name, partly for how many ways we can wear it. It works as well on its own, stacked with a few other statement pieces, or mixed in with some cheap metal bangles or strap of ribbon wrapped and tied around our wrist.

from left:

Gorjana Alphabet Cuff, $70

Alexander McQueen Cuff, $330

Duchamp Cuff, $176 (our favorite)

Knot Bangle, $98

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