Updated: The New Belly Chain

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.31.16 PM

Did you ever think you would be reading those words again? Neither did we, until we spotted an incredibly chic woman at the launch of The True Cost – a documentary about sustainable fashion (worth seeing, IOHO).

With her gown – that was held up by tiny, criss-crossed straps and had an exposed back she wore a thin gold chain. It brought shape to her waist in a way the ’90s dress didn’t and was such an unexpected hint of glamor.

She wasn’t, but to add more watts to this look, matching gold cuffs might just be it.

Where to Buy:

Not sure if you want to commit to this look? Only summer for a few months of the year? This is a bold look and we always advocate starting small. For this, Etsy has a fair number of good costume jewelry options.

On the other hand, these two pieces below also work as necklaces – which might inspire you to search through your jewelry box for something instead.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.22.03 PM

Left: Jacquie Aiche; $2,475 (most expensive)

Right: Rosantica; $375 (our pic)

More options on Etsy from $19. Our pick, here

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